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So you need  another or new business name for your process serving company? Well, a name is a very important part of your identity yet the name you choose for your business need not be the same for your website name. BOTH names are crucially important to your success and to differentiate yourself and your buisness from your competitors and makes it easier for new clients to find you before anyone else!

For example, our Company name is " A. C.E., Inc." yet this website is, As you can see there is a difference between the two names  but the website name is what links us together. This is what you need to do unless your business  name is "keyword" rich and is available for publishing. Website names should be oriented towards the services your provide as with the name of this site as a perfect example. 

Another business name example is, a company named "Allied Process." "Allied is a same day service specialist and they are experts at getting services done within 24 hours. If some potential new client had a rush service in the area where "Allied" provides services and the perspective client "googled" lets say,  "Same Day  Rush Service" what website name has a better chance of being found, "Allied" or Same Day Rush? Evidence and facts prove the name with the "key Words" will usually be on top of the search results, especially when the website name is marketed (seo) properly.


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We are "A.C.E., Inc." Our Agency provides website marketing services to the legal services industry and has been successful assisting process servers and couriers  for fifteen years.

We own the name and the website for you. We have more than 1000 published sites. Pick the right one for your business and be up and running in an hour.

Jonathan Levy is our C.E.O. and the a co-founder of the company. He is also in charge of our web services which focus on the promotion of the advancing the process serving services profession. 

Mr. Levy specializes in technology & intellectual property development services. His expertise places a special emphasis on internet marketing and website development for Process Servers, Private Investigators, Courthouse Couriers and Attorney Service companies. Mr. Levy also remains dedicated to 70+ hours a week, manages office employees, answers telephone and personally handles all website clients.

As the primary division of our company we offer business names and website development services that are database driven, proprietarily designed which guarantees our clients success. When you obtain an A.C.E. Website you will experience success in a short period of time. Our marketing and website services are closely monitired for quality control and assure client satisfaction.

Here at A.C.E., Inc., all service requests and business dealings are STRICTLY confidential, yet are handled by not less then three employees who are trained and skilled at website design, IT educated , website development, domain name acquisitions, and search engine optimization.